Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mini-sock Mania

Today was another day full of owls! I received my gorgeous mini-sock (pictured on the left) from Queen Frysia as part of the in-house swap, and mailed off my own mini-sock on the right to Megaera Black. It was knit with embroidery floss held doubled, due to Meg's allergy to animal fibers, and it turned out great!

In swap package news, I'm just putting the finishing touches on Lavender's package before getting ready to send it off. I'm so excited!


Queen Frysia said...

I'm very glad the sock arrived safely, and that you like it. I never thought to put it on a keychain! :( That would've been a good idea.

Megaera Black, 2nd year Slytherin said...

I've been trying hard not to peek, but I failed!! Squee love the sock can't wait till it gets here *does a happy dance* Thanks Lu for putting up with my allergies :-D No I'm off to finish HRH's sock. See ya in the dorm later. Ciao bella!

Minerva Kwikspell said...

Oh my goodness those are SO cute!!! :D I love them. Nice knittin'! ;0)